VSA UCI Gio Nam Mua Lan (Southern Wind Lion Dance) of Orange County

Southern Wind Lion Dance of Vietnamese Student Association at UC Irvine

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This is a part of "A Lion Story" created by the members of Gio Nam in Spring 2007. Please watch this as a film rather than a lion dance. The full video will be uploaded in the Fall of 2007 if you would like to see it. Thank you.

This is our new lion Rain, being performed by Ryan Tong (head) and Hung Le (tail) in the VSA Culture Night of 2006.

Ryan Tong (head) and Hung Le (tail) performing at Reynolds Elementary in Oceanside on March 23, 2007. Notice the kids running away when the lion attacks.

Gio Nam performing at the University of Redland for Chinese New Year. Ryan Tong (head) and Hung Le (tail) in Rain (silver). James Nguyen (head) and Kevin Pham (tail) in Rufio (red).

Our lions, Rufio (red) and Rain (silver) performing the battling lions at the University of Redland. James Nguyen and Kevin Pham in Rufio and Ryan Tong and Hung Le in Rain

Hung Le and Richie Phan practicing the Drunken Lion routine for an upcoming performance at VDC.

An Pham and Thy Pham performing in Rain. Phu Le and Quoc Tran dancing in Rufio. The performance for Culver Plaza on Feb 10, 2007.

This is a performance at the VSA Culture Night of 2006 featuring eight lions. This was a collaboration between Ane Thanh Lion Dance, Southern Young Tiger, and Gio Nam. Our teams had a lot of fun getting to know each other and bringing the lions to life.

Gio Nam performing with our lions Dennis (Duy and David) and Rufio (Hung and Ryan) at a multicultural event in Culver Plaza: Irvine, CA - 2006