VSA UCI Gio Nam Mua Lan (Southern Wind Lion Dance) of Orange County

Southern Wind Lion Dance of Vietnamese Student Association at UC Irvine

We've moved!! visit us at www.gionam.org! =)

The team after VSA Culture Night '07
"We are children that were caught in the wind and now we carry on the tradition of lion dancing that our ancestors started long ago."

Experienced Lions

Hung Le

Ryan Tong

Vu Nguyen

Quoc Tran

Kimberly Pham

Duy Phan

David Lam

Linh Nguyen
New Cubs

An Pham

Thy Pham

Richie Phan

James Nguyen

Kevin Pham

Lan Truong

*the statements made in the members' profiles are not necessarily those of the members themselves
but maybe have been edited, censored, or completely fabricated by Mr. Hung Le."