VSA UCI Gio Nam Mua Lan (Southern Wind Lion Dance) of Orange County

Southern Wind Lion Dance of Vietnamese Student Association at UC Irvine

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The Lion Family

Name: Rufio
Style: Fut San
Colors: Red and black
Symbolism: Rufio is a symbol of a young courageous lion. The color red presents aggression and strength. Rufio is a young war lion with an uplifting spirit and fiery soul. Red is also the color of luck. Rufio helps scare away evil spirits with his power and strength and bring great luck to those that embrace his presence.
History: Rufio is Gio Nam's first lion. He was first introduced to the community in the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) Culture Night 2004. Since then he had shared and experienced many memories with the members of Gio Nam. The color of his skin and fur was adapted by the members of Gio Nam as their team colors. Rufio is also a reflection of the members. We are young students with the desire to learn and spread to the community the joy of being part of a lion dance team.

This is the actual Rufio from the movie Hook...see the resemblance?

Name: Dennis
Style: Fut San
Colors: Green
Symbolism: Dennis is a peaceful lion with the ability to become a fearsome source. The color green is the representation of prosperity and life. Those that are lucky enough to witness the playful antsiest of Dennis will be endowed with longevity and happiness amongst the family.
History: Dennis is the second member of the lion family in Gio Nam. He originated from the heart of China and found his way to Northern California. He later traveled down to Southern California and become a beloved lion of Gio Nam. Dennis traveled with the members of Gio Nam from California to Texas for a performance and first retreat.

Name: Rain
Style: Hok San
Color: Silver and white
Symbolism: Rain is a feisty little lion that is a clear symbol of youth. She enjoys playing around and discovering new things.  Rain is a representation of curiosity and learning about the world. She is cautious but not afraid to try something new. This innate ability of her makes her such a lovable lion. The older she becomes the wiser she will be. She proves that though curiosity may kill the cat, a cat cannot be a lion unless it is curious.
History: Rain is the newest member to the lion family. She was adopted in San Francisco where the members of Gio Nam went on their retreat in March 2006. Her name was derived on the trip back from Nor Cal when the members drove in heavy rain while taking her back. Her skin can be seen as raindrops and her fur is as soft as water.  She is also known as Lucky in her VSA Culture Night debut in May 2006.
Since then she has became the most lovable lion in the community. Her playful personality resembles a household pet but her size and strength are that of an enchanted creature.

Obxidian (Obi)
Name: Obxidian aka Obi
Style: Fut San
Color: Black and white
A black lion is known as a fighting lion, and he represents youth, brings good luck, and likes to play. In the old days the meeting of two black lions from different kung-fu schools at a lion dancing often meant a fight between the two rival schools. However, today the black lion is a symbol of kung-fu's history. The black lion's opposite is a flower-faced lion with a white beard.
History: Gio Nam found this young and courageous lion on one of the islands of Hawaii. The members of Gio Nam quickly adopted him in May 2007 and named him Obsidian due to his black body and fiery eyes. He made his first public appearance in May 2007 at VSA UCI Culture Night. He played the role of fighting spirit and summoning of the powerful king Champa.

Name: Sunny
Style: Fut Hok
Color: Blue and white
Freshly made over and newly blessed, Sunny symbolizes new beginnings and unwavering optimism for the future. Her presence will inspire belief in the impossible and hope for all things better.
Sunny is the baby of the family. You might be wondering why such a blue lion can have such a wrongly describing name. Truth be told, Sunny wasn't always blue. In fact, arriving from Vietnam, she was bright yellow and unfortunately, not that aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. For a while, all seemed hopeless for Sunny, until a couple random girls suggested a makeover. The members of Gio Nam were skeptical and questioning, but the idea of a makeover was far better than letting a lion sit and collect dust. And so, the process of EXTREME MAKEOVER was on and the end product is what you see