VSA UCI Gio Nam Mua Lan (Southern Wind Lion Dance) of Orange County

Southern Wind Lion Dance of Vietnamese Student Association at UC Irvine

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The Triple-A-Lions

The Triple-A-Lions is an "alliance," as stated in the pronunciation of the name, between Southern Young Tiger, Anê Thành, and Gio Nam Lion Dance. It started in May of 2006 when the three groups decided to do a collaboration in the Vietnamese Student Association Culture Night at the University of California, Irvine. The performance consisted of 8 lions each showing their individual abilities to make the lions come to life. Since then, the groups have spawned new friendships and often turn to each other for help, techniques, and knowledge of the dance. Clients may request performances via the alliance. If interested in a lion dance performance incorporating multiple lions, please feel free to contact any of the directors of the respective teams.

UCI Southern Young Tiger Lion Dance

Southern Young Tigers is the newest addition to the expanding Loong Mah family, founded in January 2005 and currently under the direction of Ali Wu and Thu Ha.

Thu Ha


Anê Thành Lion Dance

Anê Thành Lion Dance is a branch of Vơ Đường Quang Trung B́nh Dịnh Tây Sơn Lion Dance of Westminster, founded in 2004 and based in Fountain Valley, CA under the direction of David Lam and sponsored by Thieu Nhi Thanh The Doan Anê Thành.

David Lam

A little far from the Orange County area? Frank Lam's Lion Directory lists over 500 Lion & Dragon Dance teams from around the world.